Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I think I like felting!

Well, after my experience with the owl, I decided to make another owl. After that, I felt a bit braver. I thought it might even be time to branch out into new animal species! So, I made a rabbit. And then, I made a sheep! It's a brown sheep because I have limited amounts of roving right now. I'm quite pleased with how they turned out. I think they will make good gifts or tree ornaments.
The things I get into when there aren't any chores to be done! Hopefully I can keep up with the felting after I get back to the farm because I enjoy it. I'd like to make a llama! It's fun to do crafts because with work and school, I don't usually have much opportunity. Felting is something I can pick up and put down and then pick it up later.
I am doing reasonably well with the knitting. I am having some trouble with tension. On the crocheting, somehow I miss a stitch on the end of every row and what started out as a 15 stitch wide piece ends up as a 5 stitch wide piece. I shall try to figure out what I am doing wrong. I could post a picture of it and maybe some of you crochet experts can tell me!

Off to eat some fudge...


Mare said...

Oh i LOVE your felted animals, especially that little bunny! You will get better with the tension with practice. The more you work with the yarn and needles, the better you get, and you find your own pace...cadence...whatever you might call it. I know what you are doing with the crochet but i'll be danged if i can tell you...I would have to show you, but you are too far away! hahaha Just keep practicing...Keep your first pieces so you can see your progress as you go along. I have an idea...As you crochet, count your stitches. So, say you have a piece 6 stitches wide. As you do your stitches, make sure you don't drop any by counting all of the stitches per row...know what i mean?

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Caire, can you blog a little about what felting is and your materials? You sure can't tell you're new at it, darling critters.

Lola Nova said...

The animals are wonderful! Looks like you are off to a beautiful start, I am very impressed. I love, love the sheep.

Well, we may be finally flying out Christmas day, it's been a mess with the snow here. I did get some extra things made with the snow days keeping us grounded. Even a couple owls of my own. I will have more stuff posted later.
Hey, maybe we should do an animal swap. I'll trade you a hen for a sheep :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Mmmm fudge! Your bunny is so precious! Your owl is a hoot! (get it?)
I'd love to see you make a llama, too. Maybe even a black and white paint horse, like my mare...(hint, hint)

Merry Christmas!!!

Claire MW said...

Black and white horse eh? Oh my, you set a high standard for me! I will continue to explore felting. Right now I find the animal legs to be a bit tricky. Some people use chenille in the middle for strength. I'll try that before I try llama or horse legs!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world of felting! It is so much fun and quite addicting :) You will find yourself looking for that special color of roving for that special project! Your bunny is adorable.